Meditation and sitting cross legged or kneeling – how the Kindseat Meditation bench seat can help

Sitting Cross Legged or Kneeling - The Kindseat Meditation Seat

Meditation Seats – Sitting Cross Legged or Kneeling?

The Kindseat Adjustable Meditation Bench Seat helps to achieve a good comfortable posture. by supporting the joints and providing a good posture either seated or with kneeling positions; an essential step to focusing on meditation.

Do I need to kneel or sit cross-legged to meditate?

The short answer is no, you don’t. With the Kindseat fully adjustable meditation seat you can, however, and still feel comfortable!

Adjusting the height of the Kindseat Meditation seat

Traditional Lotus meditation position

Traditionally the cross-legged position for meditation is called the ‘Lotus’ position. There are two lotus positions for meditation; the full and half-lotus position. Each foot rests on the top of the opposing thigh, this is harder than the normal cross-legged position.

  • Full lotus position: both feet rest on the opposite thighs.
  • Half lotus position: one foot rests on the opposite thigh and the other foot is under the opposite thigh.

Sore hips, painful knees, back pain, and tense shoulders are some of the many posture problems people have when sitting cross-legged on the floor meditating. Without the use of a proper Meditation Bench the practice of meditation for many is very uncomfortable and for some, impossible.

Using the kindseat meditation seat to meditate comfortably
Back and neck ache can happen whilst meditating

You can meditate either sitting or lying on the floor to minimise the stresses on your knees and ankles. Although this can work, it can be too comfortable and many people fall asleep!.

The Kindseat is designed to help you sit on the floor with your legs crossed or kneeling without causing discomfort. You keep your back subtly in motion by actively tilting the pelvis allowing you to meditate for longer periods of time

Popular positions whilst meditating

  • Kneeling
  • Cross-Legged
  • Sitting on a chair
  • Sitting on a meditation chair
  • Lotus and half-lotus position
  • Lying down

How to sit correctly whilst meditating

Traditionally when meditating there are key areas of the body you are aware of:

  • Leg Position
  • Knees
  • Back
  • Arms and Hands
  • Neck and Head
  • Eyes
  • Jaw

If any of these key meditation areas are affected by the way you sit, it will affect your meditation practice.

The Kindseat Meditation Bench Seat helps in all these areas by providing a height-adjustable, elevated, padded, self-adjusting seat (the seat pivots/tilts) that is also easily carried in its own carry case.

The Kindseat Portable Mediation bench seat with Case
KindSeat Portable Meditation Bench Seat

In an ideal world when you meditate your knees will be lower than your hips. Many people have stiff hips and bad knees making meditation difficult and uncomfortable.

You can use cushions to try to find a comfortable position whilst crossing their legs, only to find that this is only a temporary ‘fix’ and cannot be easily replicated when you next meditate.

Sitting Comfortably on the Kindseat Meditation Bench Seat
Sitting comfortably on the Kindseat Meditation Bench Seat

How the Kindseat adjustable meditation bench seat can help you sit cross-legged or kneeling

Sitting cross-legged is quite normal in many countries around the world.

The main reason people sit in the lotus (cross-legged) position is that it has been shown to be more comfortable when sitting for any long period of time.

However, for many people sitting cross-legged directly on the floor proves to be very uncomfortable, if not impossible.

This is where the fully adjustable Kindseat meditation bench seat saves the day...

The Kindseat Adjustable Meditation Bench Seat
The Kindseat Adjustable Meditation Bench Seat

How the Kindseat meditation bench seat helps you

Whilst meditating in the cross-legged position it is very important to focus on the meditation practice. If you are suffering pain sitting cross-legged or kneeling you will be distracted while meditating.

The Kindseat meditation bench seat will reduce the stresses on your knees and hips by allowing you to sit in a more comfortable position. You will be able to focus on your meditation without pain.

By associating your Kindseat meditation bench seat with the act of meditation, you also train your mind and body into a routine that knows that when you use your Kindseat meditation bench seat you are about to focus on the act of meditation.

The Kindseat meditation bench seat also pivots to allow you to adjust your back and hips to the perfect position for you to be comfortable for a longer period of time.

The adjustment of the seat angle of the Kindseat meditation chair is automatic (responsive/active). You don’t need to do anything except adjusting the overall height of the chair to suit your meditation practice and ability.

Once you have adjusted the height of the Kindseat the angle of the seat will automatically adjust to support you.

Increase blood flow and improve posture whilst meditating

Meditation helps to maintain a calm and relaxed state. If you are sitting cross-legged or kneeling on the floor in an uncomfortable position the blood flow around the body will be affected.

The pain builds up and you may suffer various cramps in the legs and body. By using the elevated positioning of the Kindseat meditation bench seat you enhance the blood flow around the body and therefore have a more comfortable position, minimising any discomfort.

Blood flow is related to energy flow. One aim of meditation is to increase your energy flow around the body. If you are sitting uncomfortably whilst meditating your blood flow and energy flow will be directly affected, which self defeats the original goal of meditating.

The Kindseat Meditation bench seat comes with a very comfortable padded full-width seat cushion to allow you sit for longer periods of time. The strain on ankles and knee joints is also minimised.

Adjustable Kindseat Meditation Bench Seat

All people are not built the same! Having a fully adjustable meditation bench seat like the Kindseat will ensure that ‘one size does fit all‘, especially if you are taller or shorter than average, are overweight or have any mobility issues.

By simply adjusting the straps on the Kindseat Meditation bench seat you can change the height of the seat to ensure that you sit comfortably and at the correct height.

Kindseat Fully Adjustable Meditation Bench Seat
KindSeat Adjustable Meditation Bench Seat

The Kindseat Meditation Bench Seat can be used for both kneeling and Cross-legged postures allowing you to rest by changing to a different posture.



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