Meditation Seat FAQs

Meditation Seat FAQs

What is a meditation seat?

Adjustable Meditation Seats are designed to allow you to meditate and sit comfortably for a long period of time and in comfort. The Kindseat Meditation seat is designed to allow you to adjust the height and angle of the seat to make it comfortable either sitting or in the cross-legged position. The meditation seat will also take pressure away from the ankles allowing you to meditate comfortably for longer periods of time.

How do you use a meditation chair?

To use an adjustable meditation chair, kneel on the floor with the seat behind you. Pull the seat to you and then sit. You can either sit cross-legged or in the sitting position depending on the selected height of the seat. It is important to find the most comfortable position for you and your meditation practice. The Kindseat will remember the height of the seat and the position so that you will always have the correct meditation position.

Can you meditate while sitting on a chair?

Some people will find it very uncomfortable to meditate whilst sitting on the floor or on a mat for long periods of time. With the Kindseat adjustable chair, you can meditate while at a comfortable height and position. The Kindseat is very easy to carry to work (comes with its own case) allowing you to meditate at work or out in the open at any time.

Is it better to meditate on the floor?

The practice of meditation is a personal activity. Meditation requires you to be comfortable so that you can focus on meditation. If your body is in any sort of pain you must find a way to sit comfortably. Many people will find sitting on the floor uncomfortable and therefore not conducive to meditation. The Kindseat adjustable meditation seat will allow you to meditate for long periods of time in a very comfortable position. The Kindseat also comes with a cushion.

Is it ok to meditate on a chair?

You can meditate while sitting in a chair. If you meditate regularly you will want to have a seat that is comfortable and consistent. The Kindseat meditation seat is both comfortable and easy to transport (comes with its own carry case). It is important to make sure that when you meditate you can quickly and easily get into the same position. You can now meditate whilst traveling and ensure that you will always enjoy the same comfort.

What is the best meditation bench angle?

Meditation seats should have a slight angle to allow you to sit upright and in comfort. If the seat is not angled you will tend to get into a bad posture and can easily get pain in your lower back. The Kindseat meditation bench automatically angles the seat to the best position for you allowing you to meditate in total comfort. For more information see our article on the bio-mechanics of meditation posture.

Meditation bench height

Most meditation benches and seats do not allow the height to be adjusted. The Kindseat is fully adjustable allowing you to either sit cross-legged or in the sitting position – both comfortably and without pain. The adjustment allows for tall and shorter people to sit comfortably. Many people find it very difficult to sit cross-legged and the adjustable meditation seat will allow you sit in all positions; finding the best position for your meditation practice.

How to reduce pain whilst meditating

When you meditate for the first few times you may experience some pain in your back and knees. If you find it hard or painful to sit on the floor it is important to find a seat that is adjustable for both height and seat angle. This will relieve the tension on your knees and/or back and make meditation comfortable and allow you to focus on the meditation and not the pain.

How to sit in meditation for long hours

  • Focus on your posture. If you find it difficult to sit on the floor it will be important to find a meditation seat that is adjustable for both height and seat angle. This will ensure that your back is relaxed and you can enjoy the meditation session.
  • Use a timer to get used to how long you are meditating or use your phone timer.
  • When meditating it is important to keep focus without being in any sort of pain.

Is a meditation cushion necessary?

An adjustable meditation seat should have a comfortable cushion to allow you to sit in meditation for longer sessions and still be comfortable. The Kindseat meditation seat comes with a very comfortable seat. The Kindseat is made from high-quality sustainable Birchwood and very solid.

Meditation seat for bad knees

Sore hips, painful knees, back pain, and tense shoulders are some of the many posture problems people have when sitting cross-legged on the floor meditating. Without the use of a proper Meditation Bench the practice of meditation for many is very uncomfortable and for some, impossible.

For more information read our article on sitting cross legged or kneeling for meditation.

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