How It All Started: 

The Kindseat creator is Engineer and keen meditator Jonathan Dawson, who asked himself back in 2008 “Could a meditation seat be built, based on a suspension design with adjustable height, lightweight and easily carried?”. Jonathan’s background in engineering provided him with the skills and inspiration needed for this project; he has been practising meditation for over 30 years. Over four years later, the Kindseat was successfully launched in August 2012 to acclaim from many experienced meditators! 

The first design involved suspension from the top of two folding pyramids, revealing the variable tilt feature. After multiple designs were explored, in the last year a viable design was produced using a high precision machine and hand finishings. The Kindseat has been sold all over the world since its launch. Wishing to retire, Jonathan donated his business to Devon Disability Collective in January 2020. 

Jonathan Dawson, Inventor (right), in Devon Disability Collective’s factory with Steve Gallin, DDC Production Director 

“I decided to hand my business on to Devon Disability for a number of reasons. I have been working on the Kindseat for 10 years and have had many people write to me to say how much difference the Kindseat has made to their lives through being able to meditate more effectively. DDC has made all the Kindseat cushions for me, so I am delighted that ‘my baby’ will be in safe hands. I am also really pleased that this will create opportunities for more people with disabilities to be supported by DDC.” – Jonathan Dawson, 2020 

About Us at Devon Disability Collective: 

The Kindseat brand is now owned and manufactured by our wonderful team at Devon Disability Collective, a Social Enterprise that provides quality employment and training for people with disabilities. We also provide employment for those furthest from the labour market through our own commercial enterprises.

Here at DDC we are committed towards enhancing independence and opportunity for those with disabilities by not only providing employment, but also supporting personal development, assistance into the workplace, supporting independence and promoting wider lifestyle choices. This all falls under our ultimate aim of reducing the unfair disadvantages that disabled people face in the workplace. 

  • 7% of those with a learning disability of working age are in employment 
  • 47% of those with a learning disability of working age are in employment 

Steve Gallin, DDC’s Production Director states that the Kindseat is the “gift that keeps on giving”. He says on behalf of everyone here that the support since launch has been phenomenal and we are really grateful to everyone that has helped with the growth of the Social Enterprise. 

“We are proud to be a UK manufacturer in Exeter, exporting products around the world” – Steve Gallin, DDC Production Director.

Our Exeter Operations

Our work is about the importance of the people who work with us, the quality and value of the goods we produce and really understanding and valuing our customers. Our Exeter based operations include:

Mobility Showroom

Mobility and Healthcare Services: Servicing and Hire

Wheelchair Upholstery Products

Re-upholstery Services: automotive, marine, traditional and commercial

Light Engineering and Assembly

Contract Sewing and Packing

DCC Hub: Meeting and training rooms


‘It’s my 11th year, I enjoy the friendly atmosphere here, not something I experienced in my previous roles.I spent some time in Kent working on Equestrian products, but I came back to my routes in Devon.I’ve been a sewing seamstress since 17!’.


‘I started working in the factory in 2005, initially producing wheelchair cushions and then got trained up to do bee-hive clothing with matching hats, which led on to nursing outfits and then large Police tents.Drawing on this experience and my desire to learn I went on to become an Upholsterer and to this day really enjoy the variety of work and helping others with their training’.


‘I’ve been working with the team for 4 years now and trained up as a machinist, I’m responsible for making belts and also work in light engineering.When times are busy we help-out in all areas.I really enjoy all the varied roles’.