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What is a meditation bench? 

Meditation benches and stools are a practical answer to the problem of sitting comfortably for long periods of time when meditating. They are most commonly designed for kneeling and cross legged positions, as well as being an alternative to meditating on chairs and cushions. Research suggests that a bench creates a more grounded effect than a chair and is more consistent in height than cushions.

Why is comfort so important? 

Meditation is a very personal activity, connecting your mind and your body with the present moment, making comfort essential. This is especially true when meditating frequently for long durations of time because you want a seat that is both comfortable and consistent. There are numerous consequences of discomfort, including: 

  • Less likely to concentrate 
  • Your attention is drawn away from your practise to your pain
  • Discomfort means problems with your posture
  • Discomfort can be in your hips, knees, back and shoulders which can create long term problems when not corrected

These issues can commonly be a result of sitting on the floor without any support underneath you when meditating. Alternatively, if you meditate on a chair, whilst this has greater support than the floor, chairs cannot usually be adjusted. All of our bodies are different, and change over time, meaning a chair is unlikely to be providing the support you need. This is why the Kindseat is the perfect solution: it ensures you’re much less likely to be in any discomfort and can practise for a longer, uninterrupted period of time.

Why the Kindseat?

As previously mentioned, our Kindseat will reduce discomfort, offer you the correct support your body needs therefore bettering your meditation practice. But how does it achieve all of this? The following unique features of the Kindseat are what make it the perfect meditation bench: 

1. User friendly pieces: 

The Kindeseat consists of four user-friendly pieces that can be simply assembled to create a bench perfect for you. The bench itself is made of sustainable Birchwood by our talented manufacturers here at Devon Disability Collective; if you wish to find out more about us, please read Our History.

2. Helping with routine and association

The Kindseat will remember the last position you practised in, even after disassembly, making returning to your practice and reassembling painless and easy! Through continuous use of the Kindseat, your mind and body will associate meditation and calmness with the bench itself. This will increase focus and ease within your practice, making it even easier to incorporate meditation into your routine. 

3. Adjustable height

The height of the Kindseat is the only element that’s for you to manage and change, the rest will simply follow! The height of your seat influences the curvature of your back when sitting. Too high, your back will overarch causing tension and pain. On the other hand, too low and the back will slump forwards, which can lead to a loss of energy. The taller you are, the higher your seat will need to be, one size doesn’t fit all. This is why the Kindseat is so effective, accommodating for everyone! By simply adjusting the straps on the Kindseat Meditation bench you can change the height of the seat. This ensures that you sit comfortably and at the correct height for you. 

4. Adjustable tilt 

The tilt of your seat is also very important as it governs the angle of your pelvis. The pelvis is the most important part of establishing good posture as it ensures your sitting bones point downwards. To further understand the importance of posture, please read our article. Because the Kindseat is designed on a tilt, it’s responsive to your body. When you naturally move into the position you feel most comfortable in, the Kindseat follows. This is unlike most other benches which are static; the Kindseat ensures that you’re always the most comfortable and supported you can be. Having your pelvis, and so your body, correctly aligned and elevated means reduced stress on your knees, hips and ankles, supporting your joints and achieving good posture. This allows you to meditate comfortably for longer periods of time. By simply rocking back and forth on the seat, it will adjust for your hips. 

5. The Cushion

Our Kindseat cushion rests securely on top of the wooden bench thanks to the anti-slip material on the bottom of the cushion itself. It is made of a very comfortable padded foam, covered with weather resistant, medical-grade fabric. Most meditation benches don’t include a cushion; the addition of our cushion increases user comfort, therefore increasing concentration and length of practice. 

6. Designed for multi use: 

Our Kindseat has been created to enhance multiple of your day to day activities, including: 

  • Both kneeing and cross legged meditation positions: this means the body can rest and reset by changing into a new position. 
  • Yoga: meditation and yoga are thought to be part of the same family. If you wish to find out more about which yoga positions work best in our Kindseat, please read our yoga article. 
  • A comfortable seat for low tables: we have even had Kindseat users say it’s been a game changer when playing board and card games around coffee tables to help with their posture and comfort! 
  • Packs up neatly: this makes the Kindseat the perfect travel companion. The user-friendly pieces fit nicely in its own carry case. This makes it perfect to use during breaks at work for a moment of peace during a busy day. It is also the perfect seat when camping, at festivals or at meditative retreats. If you wish to find out more about meditation retreats, please read our meditation retreat article. 
  • Supporting our ever changing bodies: It is expected for our bodies to change when practicing something over a long period of time; the Kindseat is designed to change with you during your meditation journey. Sitting in the same position for long periods of time can lead to cramps because of restricted blood flow. This restriction of blood flow commonly amounts to increased discomfort, distracting you and your energy flow from your practice. The Kindseat responds to you and your body, making this scenario very unlikely. In the off chance it did occur, a simple readjustment of position or of the seat itself will quickly correct this. 

How it works: 

If you wish to see the Kindseat in practice, please watch the following video: 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on: 

22 Marsh Green Road
Marsh Barton

Tel: +44 (0)1392 428585

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