Benefits of the Kindseat Adjustable Meditation Bench Seat

Can be used for both Kneeling or Cross-legged postures allowing you to rest by changing to a different posture.

  • Can easily be adjusted in tiny and large amounts to suit your body shape, size and flexibility as it changes in a week or over the years.
  • Always the ‘most kind’ angle for you. “It feels like sitting four square whilst also slightly floating!”  
  • Easily carried. The Original Kindseat is particularly lightweight, portable and ideal for travel, retreat, pilgrimage, backpacking or camping.

An Introduction to kindseat

This short video describes the characteristics of the Kindseat and its benefits.  Demonstrating the unique fully adjustable meditation stool and seat.

Completely different postures

On retreat or when you need a change or want to try a different position to help keep your meditation fresh it’s easy to set the Kindseat to a completely different height: It can be used as a meditation bench or stool (for kneeling postures) or as a low seat for sitting cross-legged. It can also be used as a standard low stool (with a flat seat) for listening to talks.

Height range from 75mm to 270mm (3 to 10.7 inches).

In small amounts: Either as a seat or as a bench it can easily be adjusted in tiny amounts to suit your body shape and size. Experienced meditators write that just half an inch can make all the difference to your posture and long-term comfort. No more fiddling around with finding just the right cushion (which then collapses anyway).

Freedom to meditate anywhere

Lightweight, portable and ideal for travel, retreat pilgrimage, backpacking or camping

  • The seat on its own is 875g (less than 2lbs)
  • The Kindseat legs, which can be stowed separately, are 220g
  • Assembled it weighs just 1.1 kg  (about 2.5 lbs)

Reliable and Strong:

  • When the posts / legs are in place they cannot collapse as there are no hinges to fold or screws to pull out.
  • Can easily be adjusted in tiny and large amounts to suit your body shape, size and flexibility as it changes in a week or over the years.
  • It’s strong (tested to 20 Stone (280lbs)

Ethically sourced and shipped:

Always at the right angle for you

The variable tilt self-adjusts to follow the tilt of your pelvis, to help ensure that you are always at the right angle for you.  Sometimes, all your back needs if you have been sitting for a while is a subtle shift of your pelvic tilt. This design of meditation bench facilitates this. It doesn’t tilt backwards so it’s safe.

Adjusts to stand firm

Adjusts to stand firm on uneven surfaces so your seat won’t rock or wobble.  The independent legs automatically follow the surface they are on. This means that the bench is stable even on thick mats. (To get the full range of tilt the legs need to be vertical).  If needed, the legs can even be set at different heights so you can sit upright even if the ground under you isn’t level.
Sitting Comfortably on the Kindseat Meditation Bench Seat

The Kindseat Fully Adjustable Meditation Bench Seat