The Kindseat Zabuton Cushion: All You Need to Know

What is a Zabuton meditation cushion? 

A meditation cushion is quite self explanatory: it’s a cushion you meditate on. However, it is different from any regular cushion in your home. A Zabuton cushion in particular is an important part of Japanese culture; research suggests they have nearly a thousand years of history behind them.  

A Zabuton is a cushion ordinarily sat on in a Japanese living room. They have also been reported to be used at sumo wrestling matches to both sit on, and throw at the wrestlers when getting passionate about the match! If you wish to see this in action please watch the following video:

Whilst this may seem like a rigorous thing to do with a beautiful traditional cushion, they are more commonly used for meditation in the current day.

Kindseat meditation cushion Zabuton

What are the benefits? 

When meditating, cushions provide support, reducing stress and pressure on the legs and knees, especially during long periods of sitting. In James Clear’s best selling book Atomic Habits, he explains that one of the most effective ways to form a routine is to have a visual cue. Our Kindseat Zabuton cushion is the perfect visual cue for meditation in your home to help you create your own personal meditation practice. With its beautiful red velvet top, it adds luxury and comfort to any room whilst also being the perfect meditation surface. 

If you find yourself asking, why not just use a regular pillow? Zabuton meditation cushions are larger, evenly stuffed and less rounded. This ensures you are sat level, your knees won’t fall off, thus being able to concentrate and stay in a calm state for a longer duration of time.

Why the Kindseat Zabuton cushion? 

  • 1.8kg – very light to carry 
  • Deep red velvet cushion
  • Comfortable and durable materials 
  • High quality 2-inch strap with hook and loop fastening 
  • Nonslip, weather resistant base
  • Removable cover
  • Rolls up easily for travel and storage

From extensive research, we have created a durable, luxurious, and comfortable meditation cushion. In order to provide you with many enjoyable years of relaxing meditative practice. 

With functional, supportive travel and storage strap, the Kindseat Zabuton cushion can be easily carried. Being particularly lightweight makes it portable, accessible and ideal for travel!


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