Meditating Outdoors with Kindseat

Kindseat meditation cushion Zabuton outdoors
When the sun is shining, and the sky is clear, there is little else as calming as meditating outside. Not only do you receive your daily dose of Vitamin D, but there are also many other benefits of moving your meditation practice outside.

The benefits of meditating outside:

  • Many retreats are in nature:┬áMany retreats are in nature because of the strong connection nature has to wellbeing and mindfulness. Moreover, research suggests that individuals can experience a deeper mindful connection when outdoors.┬á
  • Very grounding: Grounding is a spiritual exercise that grounds you to the earth, especially when focusing on your breathing and your physical connection to the world around you. The importance of this lies in doing it outside and embracing nature.
  • Outside compared to inside: Being outside has been scientifically proven to better mental health and well being. Meditating betters mental health in its own ways, therefore the two of them together is a perfect match!┬á
  • Positive effects of fresh air: Research suggests that your health and mood are greatly benefitted from exposure to sunlight and breathing in fresh air. These are naturally part of meditating outside, which you cannot receive when inside.┬á
  • Is it easier for beginners? If your home is a stressful environment or full of distractions, outside is a peaceful environment away from stress, importance of association. When starting meditation you can be more easily distracted, in nature somewhere peaceful away from your usual distractions it can be easier to concentrate.
  • Enhancing outside wellness: Research suggests that individuals that spend time outside can decrease their mood disturbance and distraction by incorporating mediation into their outside routine.

 Top Tips for meditating outside:

  1. Natural ground can be especially uncomfortable, which is why the Kindseat meditation bench and Zabuton cushion are perfect for outdoor practice. Both are very travel friendly and will ensure you can meditate with great concentration whilst being pain free. To find out more about our bench, please follow this link, and for our Zabuton, this one. 
  2. Use all the techniques you are already familiar with such as focusing on your breath, setting an intention for the session, and finding a quiet, distraction free area to practice.
  3. It can be useful to focus on a particular sound, such as leaves rustling in the breeze, to keep in touch with your surroundings whilst flowing through your meditation.  
  4. It is important when in public places to keep aware of your surroundings. Yes, meditation is a personal practice, but your safety is most important. If a location is making you feel on edge, there is no harm in leaving or finding a new peaceful spot.
  5. Preparation is also important, especially due to how unpredictable nature can be. Look ahead at the weather forecast to ensure you wonÔÇÖt get caught out by bad weather and wear comfortable and appropriate clothing. If you are travelling to woodland areas, make sure you have researched any wildlife to be aware of.┬á

Please watch the following video for further tips and tricks when meditating outside: 

If you have any questions about the Kindseat meditation bench or the Kindseat Zabuton cushion, please don’t hesitate to email us at or message us through our social media platforms.┬á

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